Fidel your connection with my students was just powerful, excellent presentation! I’m so glad you are giving back
– Tom Wild, Riverside High School teacher

Brother Fidel, you are welcome back to our program
as soon as possible!
  Jitu Brown, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Chicago, Il

You provided students & staff with a wealth of information and advice that will help them better determine
what kind of music they will “buy into 
- Kiera Castle , LINKS Peer Outreach & Mentoring Center UWM

In a recession when most things are frugal, filmmaker, performing artist, songwriter, and ‘artivist’ Fidel also known as “VivaFidel” has been generous with his contributions to the music industry & society in many facets. Fidel is an award-winning youth advocate, performing artist and entrepreneur who has presented at several academic institutions including University of Louisville, DePaul, North Western Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Wayne State University and more. Fidel has been invited to present at several national conventions including the Allied Media Conference, Hip Hop Political Convention, Black Urban Growers Conference & United States Social Forum. Fidel has spoken & performed at countless festivals, Community centers, and schools. Fidel gives interactive lectures about media analysis and hip-hop culture as a tool for social service and community empowerment.

According to statistical information on Wikipedia, Milwaukee maintains Milwaukee Public schools (MPS), the largest school district in Wisconsin and Hone of the largest in the nation. As of 2006, it has an enrollment of 95,600 students and employs 6,100 full-time and substitute teachers in 223 schools. Milwaukee Public Schools operate as Hmagnet schools, with individualized specialty areas for interests in academics, or the arts. The district has a reputation for a poorly performing student body and efforts have been underway for years to reform the school system.

This is why Fidel has created and developed several community projects which provide intervention and engagement with educational and creative activities and events to foster leadership and unity.

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