NEW Armagideon - "Runnin" (rough version) feat Megale & Viva Fidel

Armagideon - "Runnin" feat Miguel & Viva Fidel by armagideon
Leaking a little roughness to the people...NO more RUNNIN'!

VIVA FIDEL VERSE: No more runnin / only gunning for the gold / fa sho / im one of the chose got that global reach / with my hiphop speech/ a jewel droppin general from the eternal east no matter where you run cant hide from yaself/ I aint scared to ask for help/ tighten up my belt /roll up my sleeves / stay workin on my P's & toes/ like I was told by the OGs who know/ so cold/ doin calisthenics sweatin/ collab with my comrades/ download my blessings/ magical moments & priceless emotions/ on 94 floatin/ we totally open/ knowing the consequences and taking the risk/ see its countdown time and I talkin bout ya wrist/ aint no running from this! look around and see the signs/ dont be blinded by the lies /wake up and see a new day/ open ya eyes!