New Warz....New words

"New Warz" was written as a haunting reminder of the emergency state of America, Hip Hop and the world. It’s an intense thought for me, I'm making the bold suggestions that the 'New War' in America is in fact against its own citizens. This maybe be nothing new to some, it also might help create some dialogue for others. Historically & today many people already see this happening and speak out, its not a ‘new’ war by far. The newer technological methods and political propaganda attacks used by the media, the militarized Police departments in these United States have awakened a new level of protest, consciousness and self determination as well. You’ve seen people ‘occupying’, ‘recalling’ and taking things to an updated level of engagement through social media across the world.

 The video is riveting with real coverage of rebellions from across the globe complete with narration of the news and warnings from inside, like a video storybook. The backdrop is a white screen, a canvass and that’s how we approach our art and this concept. The visuals were freshly filmed & edited by my brother, Gideon WVW, who I just now remember recording and archiving footage from the Rodney King rebellions on vhs, at12 years old. “New Warz” is the latest ‘single’ from my over due, but perfectly ripened, aged and timeless “Listening Project’.

 With all the drastic recent wars and fear infested news being revealed to the public, EVERYDAY, it will spin your head in circles if you let it…Say for example about whistleblowers, drones being used on civilians or the NSA/CIA admittedly illegally taping phones and spying on everyday people in America...Across the country police are terrorizing people. All these (sometimes) highly publicized racist cases showcasing a massive, crumbling, facist injustice system. The people see all out government corruption and little to no political accountability. Taxation without representation causes outrage. Eventually. That’s why ‘they’ are gearing up right before our eyes rubbing their paws awaiting a controlled collapse of ‘money’ as we know it. Running drills, changing laws, getting ready for their enemy. The people.
 “New Warz” 
call for new words. 8:56pm 7/5/13