In cooperation with Milwaukee Urban Gardens, founder of Summer of Peace 365, Viva Fidel, proudly unveiled his long planned Peace Park and Garden today in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. The award winning Hip Hop teaching artist or ‘Artivist’ is inviting Summer of Peace supporters, community garden leaders and organizations to a kick off celebration and fundraising event scheduled for 5pm, May 9th at King Commons Studio & Art Gallery 2775 N. Martin Luther King Dr. in Milwaukee, WI.


 This organic expansion isn't far-fetched, as Fidel has coordinated and hosted his youth driven Summer of Peace events in Milwaukee County area park locations for 12 years. “When we first started looking for park venues years ago, there was always fear and stigmas attached with doing youth events where Hip Hop music is played and performed.”, said Fidel. " We have influenced so many people and changed the conversation here in Milwaukee. We were in Chicago for the last 2 years and now that we are being asked to bring Summer of Peace to other cities, we see the impact has been pretty incredible. It’s more than just a fun event or youth program, we are promoting the positive, and people need that.” From there, the ‘Art of Emceeing’ instructor explained the lifestyle aspect of The Peace Park and Garden that he hopes will continue to attract youth to healthier choices just as Summer of Peace has by offering a platform to community groups and agencies who offer programs or services to youth and families who are extremely underserved. "There are no park spaces dedicated to cultivating peace , community art projects, or positive educational events outdoors. I wanted to create that." , said Fidel, who started the Summer of Peace 12 years ago to give youth leaders and the programs that help support them a place to be recognized and even rewarded. When asked about solutions to violence in his hometown of Milwaukee, WI Fidel responds quickly "I know we need help and some resources to build better options and opportunities for our communities. We need to be demanding some emergency government aid like foreign countries do." Considering the dichotomy of Milwaukee economic and racial segregation issues, Viva Fidel’s Peace Park idea could be a powerful building block in the redevelopment of the overall morale in the city. Particularly in areas with an abundance of vacant lots and boarded up houses. - See more at: