Talkin bout that Peace

I was honored to be asked to participate in a community organizing workshop
held by the Victory Garden Initiative at Jazz Gallery in Milwaukee WI. I am loving being able to share stories of our Summer of Peace movements and growing (literally) into The Peace Park & Garden! Some footage should be available soon. This engagement was unique because the participants paid to be trained and informed about community building and organizing a base of people around an idea or project. That's the type of talk you hear in most of my classes or talks. Some people in attendance were familiar with Summer of Peace and our 12 year campaign some of the audience even knew about the Peace Park & Garden. I knew 1 familiar face. A gentle giant and artist named Michael who in his own way has been a highlight in our Summer of Peace parade for years! We always communicate logistics leading up to & the hectic morning of. He helps to coordinate and control the crowd. He walks on stilts most years during the parade. Designs floats and other colorful creative puppet stuff. He's noticeably tall even w/out the stilts....We finally got a chance to really connect and build a bit after my presentation and during, as threw some great questions at me relating to a community garden situation that he is working on. I was doing #summerofpeace 2015 work and planning before I walked out of the Gallery.
And thats what its all about.