Vintage TASTE EMCEES (circa 2010)

This is a dope clip from the 2010 True Skool Block Party. Classic Taste Emcees energy captured here. Tucked for 5 years in a file folder.

The video shows the classic cultural celebration of a block party, its where Hip Hop's roots are deepest, on the streets. The clip shows the set up, smiles and warm up before the show. Taste Emcees are ordained architects of the Hip Hop scene in Milwaukee. We even won a 'Best Group of the Decade' this same year in Wisconsin Hip Hop Honors event. Touching the people through so many different performance venues and creative outlets is what the Taste Emcees specialize in. My crew is still very much united and in motion.  In 2015 five years after this was filmed, Taste Emcees as a crew (including others not seen in this vid clip) may not perform on one stage as much, however we are all active representing our family mission. The mission to construct change in our culture and our world community is never gonna stop. Today you can catch us actively raising the next generations to do the same service. We still breed winners.