"Bout That" - A Masterpiece is born

I was going to a 'Peace on the Beach' event that I was invited to in Chicago, it happened to be right on Lake Michigan and it was raining that morning... So I came... to find out the event was canceled. I was in awe of the view and the vibes on the Lake with the rain....and this boat yard I found myself walking thru.
I decided to pull on a door and it opened and it was basically a small community Room or common area that people who docked their boats in this space probably use.

I had this whole Room to myself I ended up getting on the Wi-Fi , sitting down getting some business done for a few hours and then I decided to pull out some of the art supplies that I brought for the event that I was helping to activate before it got canceled...and I just got busy, this is part of my process , just exercising random creativity.... in a room all by myself. Ha!

THEN I got back to work. I rolled up the scroll up and I haven't finished it still yet so that's why i did not show you the complete shot at the end - but also enjoy the song /score - featuring my sister Jew'el & her beautiful voice on the record. By the way I stepped outside when it stopped raining a little bit and the Sun was beaming out, it was misty with perfect clouds. I stepped out on the deck I saw one of the most beautiful scenic views of the chitown skyline from the Lake, with the rain and the clouds and I was like O shi!, I should go get my camera to take a picture. So I went back in to get my camera and then I went back out to take the big shot and a security guard saw me come out...
She asked me what I was doing in there and of course i said "working, this is my office today." ....and then of course she made me leave . the end.

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