"We Need Peace" Classic Video

SONG: "We Need Peace" MUSIC: by Viva Fidel (Available on all streaming outlets) VIDEO Starring: AtumRa Lyrics written by: Viva Fidel ©️2019 vivafidelinfo vivafidel.info
We need Peace! What the people need?
I had to self check my own Thought process to digests all of this mess I confess my struggles and pour out all of my pain twisting up the remedy depression is the enemy always pay myself 1st reimbursed than every single verse for my own therapy and clarity keep your popularity music calms the savage and ever since I was a young seed writing helped me heal my sadness pushing my pen through personal tragic disasters on the daily then global weather changing political climate is looking crazy this forecast aint the past get your head up out your a** and sharpen up your skills on the real let's build they say only 2 things is guaranteed out here that's what ? death and bills its cutthroat on the battlefield is too many of us still getting killed they tell me to chill with all that nobody want to hear all that but what the people need
We need Peace! What the people need?
These upgrades and updates no false flags or pump fakes analyze yo lane slow down mane meditate then pump your brakes the little ones is listening where they soaking up they life lessons and the right directions? knowledge wisdom and understanding is light and protection uh. we moving towards to rewards my Lord I don't record in a mental morgue I'm more focused on surround sounds of life riding around the 414 at midnight staring at the stars contemplating in the bigger meaning of it all putting in all my heart while playing my small part all over the Earth the people need peace increased got me to thinking then a start singing and I start inking then I started spittin cease all of these wars let peace be reborn at home and abroad, right in my backyard.. peace. What the people need? We need Peace. (Featuring audio from the late great DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech)